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  1. Addendum – Here is a comment from a Raider’s fan: “Huff’s a good player. Underappreciated by Raiders fans. Not worth what he was due to make in Oakland, but a veteran guy who can cover and I believe make plays when in a system that allows him to do so. With the system the Raiders ran most of the years Michael was there that was not the case. But I think he’s a great pickup at say $5-6 mil per season. Interested to see what the Ravens gave him.”

    This comment was made before the news that Huff’s contract was $6 million for 3 years. By all accounts this was a solid signing, as the book on Huff seems to be that he is a hybrid FS/CB, which is something that adds value to today’s pass happy NFL. It will be interesting to see how this former top 10 pick performs on a good team, on a good defense, surrounded by good players.

    • I was not at all impressed with Huff’s play on opening night in Denver. I did not like his arm tackles or his coverage skills. In fact, I was screaming for Matt Elam to get off of the bench. If he does start against Cleveland, I sure hope that he redeems himself. If he lays an egg there as well, I’d rather see Omar Brown brought up from the practice squad. The kid is a willing tackler, and has a nose for the ball.

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