Ravens 2013 rookie contract and salary cap estimates

The Ravens have 12 picks in Thursday’s draft.  No way do I see them taking 12 players.  For starters, the team doesn’t have room for 12 additional players.  So I expect Ozzie and company to package picks to move up and get players that they really value, and I also expect them to trade picks for next year’s draft.  Hey, if they can trade this year’s third for next year’s second – especially to a perennially poor organization – that could be a pretty high pick next year!

The Ravens also have 4 compensatory picks that they cannot trade.  I have an asterisk behind those picks listed below, in addition to a ballpark compensation for each draft pick:


     1                 32                    $3.3 mil                  $1.2 mil

     2                 62                    $850 thous             $620 thous

     3                 94                    $525 thous             $535 thous

     4                129                   $400 thous             $500 thous

     4                130*                  $390 thous             $500 thous

     5                165                   $170 thous              $450 thous

     5                168*                  $145 thous              $435 thous

     6                199                   $100 thous              $420 thous

     6                200                    $90 thous               $425 thous

     6                203*                   $75 thous               $424 thous

     7                238                    $48 thous               $415 thous

     7                247*                   $45 thous               $412 thous

One more thing to add here.  My argument against picking Manti Te’o is not only do I not think that he is a number one draft pick, but he is also not worth a $3.3 million signing bonus!  In contrast, Ozzie and company picked up Rolando McLain, for $700k with incentives that could push his deal to $1.1 million.  McLain has two years of NFL experience, is only one year older, is two inches taller and 10 pounds heavier, and runs the 40 in at least one tenth of a second faster!  That one tenth may not seem like much, but it equates to one step for every ten yards.  When you consider that the inside linebackers have to sometimes cover tight ends (remember Ray Lewis trying to keep up with Vernon Davis in the Super Bowl?), that one tenth difference on a 20 yard route would give the tight end a two step advantage!!!  Ok, so perhaps the Ray Lewis reference was a bit of a stretch, but there aren’t many inside linebackers in the NFL that could keep up with Vernon Davis!  Even a young Ray Lewis would have had a hard time!

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