The Baltimore Ravens’ Vertical Draft Board

On a recent NFL Draft Tracker Podcast, former Ravens scout Daniel Jeremiah gave some insight as to how the Ravens set their draft board.  The number of players on their draftboard ranges from 100 – 150, and each player is given a grade between 5.7 and 8.0.  The players are positionally ranked, and set on a HORIZONTAL BOARD.  Then they set their VERTICAL BOARD, which is based on where they rank the 100-150 players.  In the event of a tie between player rankings, the coaching staff is given one collective vote, and each scout is given a vote. 

With all that said, based on what I’ve seen from the Ravens in regards to the draft since they got here in 1996, I do believe that Ozzie Newsome does in fact have final say.  I imagine that he has veto power….and he should.  His body of work screams that he’s earned it!  He’ll be in the draft room with his right hand man DeCosta, Harbaugh and his coordinators, the assistants and positional coaches, and the scouts.  Of course the cap wiz Pat Moriarty will also be in the room, and he’s already drafted and reviewed every possible trade scenario.  Moriarty can quickly tell Ozzie and company whether a trade makes sense or not, from a value and financial standpoint. 

Make no mistake about it – this is a well oiled machine, one that is poised to take advantage of the poorly run front offices, one that will no doubt reach for the player whose value just isn’t there.  If these type of reaches occur early and often, the players that should have been drafted will begin to drop.  And the Ravens will be there.  Waiting. 

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