NFL Draft Day Number 2 for the Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens filled a need at safety with the last pick of the draft last night, by selecting Matt Elam, an undersized but hard hitting safety out of Florida.  The 5’10” 208 pound junior was a two year starter for the Gators, and was the consensus pick in the Ravens’ war room when it came time to pick.

However………..the Ravens waited 6 minutes before turning in their draft card to the commissioner, a  sure sign that they were waiting for an offer to trade down.  The phone never rang, so the Ravens moved forward and picked the best player that was available.

It is clear that the Ravens were if fact trying to trade out of the round, as there were several players still available for them in round 2 had they consumated a trade.  Players such a Manti Te’o, Kevin Minter, Keenan Allen, Arthur Brown, Tank Carradine, Johnathan Hankins, Jonathan Cyprien, Damontre Moore….all players that have been linked to the Ravens!  Furthemore, there are lots of quarterbacks still available.  Geno Smith, Matt Barkley and Ryan Nassib are all available! 

The Ravens still have plenty of work to do, and with their 11 picks, plenty of ammo to do it with!  Today’s second and third rounds begin at 6:30 p.m., where the Ravens have the 62nd pick and the 94th pick. 

My draft board still hasn’t changed, with the exception being that the team will not take D.J. Swearinger, because they obviously already picked a safety in the first round.  However, I fully expect the Ravens to double dip at the safety position, and draft another safety later on in the draft, most likely on day 3.

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