Purple Passion – the NFL’s best and most passionate fan base

Here are the top metered markets for last night’s ESPN NFL Draft telecast:

  • Buffalo at 10.3
  • New Orleans at 8.8
  • Kansas City at 8.4
  • Baltimore at 7.6

Wait a minute! What’s wrong with this picture? Small market Baltimore had the 4th highest percentage of TV sets tuned in to ESPN for the first round coverage of the NFL draft? Are you serious? With the team picking last AND the high probability that it would be trading OUT of the first round?

I’m really not surprised, not at all. I wonder how many TV sets were really tuned in, when you factor in that many of us – myself included – were watching the draft on the NFL network. That is until my good friend Bruce Posner called me and told me about the Patriots’ trade with the Vikings – way before it was announced on the NFL network. I asked him how he knew, and he told me he saw it on ESPN. Needless to say I switched channels quickly, and caught up with my buddy Bruce!

The passion that this town, that this fan base has for the Ravens is unbelievable. The atmosphere is borderline collegiate in nature. The passion rivals what can be found at Michigan, or Ohio State, or Alabama for that matter. We see it time and time again. We recently saw it in New Orleans, the host city of the Super Bowl. There were Ravens fans everywhere, the majority of them without tickets to the game!

We love our Ravens! We identify with our Ravens! We bleed purple and black! Are the high ratings as surprise? Hardly!!!

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