Ravens select Matt Elam with the last pick in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft!

Ravens Nation went to bed happy last night (or should I say this morning), having selected the hard-hitting safety out of Florida in Matt Elam.  He was the consensus best player available on the Ravens’ draft board, and the team wasted no time in turning in their selection card to commissioner Goodell in what seemed to be under a minute.  By all accounts he just loves to play football, loves to be on the practice field, is very fast, and loves to hit receivers, backs and tight ends!  The best thing about him is that not only was he the best player available, but he was in fact the best player available at a position of need!  Seldom does the union of those two things happen, but it this case the Ravens were fortuitous that it did! 

Elam will compete for a starting spot right next to Michael Huff right away, and will also hone and showcase his skills on special teams.  It is clear that the Ravens are looking to get a whole lot faster on defense, and will continue to covet players with great top end speed. That is something to keep an eye on for the duration of the NFL draft.  I’m sure the Ravens will assess and reset their board tomorrow, and will look to have a dynamic second day.

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