Pat’s Pizzeria

Pat’s Pizzeria



In 1974, three cousins; Tony, John and Joe bought a little neighborhood sandwich shop in Pennsville, NJ. 

Known to the locals as “Pat’s” the three cousins decided to keep the name but add their own, unique flair to what became known as “Pat’s Pizzeria”. 

In terms of service, “Pat’s” is recognized for striving to provide only the freshest, highest quality products to its customers. With this focus in mind, “Pat’s Pizzeria” began to develop a reputation for its name and expansion soon followed. 

In 2004, “Pat’s Pizza” evolved to the next level of service. We combined our years of experience, service and quality and replaced our dining rooms with a modern, distinctive look and feel. This created “Pat’s Pizza Family Restaurant”. 

The result, a truly unique dining experience. With over 50 locations in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland… there is sure to be a “Pat’s” near you! 

And while our faces have changed since that first store in 1974… 

Our commitment to quality and service has and always will remain our focus. On behalf of Pat’s Pizza Family Restaurants, we want to thank you for your support and look forward to serving you for generations to come. 

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