Ravens vs Steelers…..’Nuff Said!!!

They plain just don't like each other.....

They plain just don’t like each other…..

41 degrees….winds 10 – 20 miles per hour….January….rainy Saturday night….2 quarterbacks with 3 Super Bowl rings between them….professional dislike….lose and go home….Le’Veon Bell is out….Eugene Monroe is out…Haloti Ngata is back….and so is Troy Polamalu….

So many story lines, so many subplots, so much at stake, and….so many questions! Can the Ravens get off to a fast start? Can the Ravens depleted secondary hold up, and avoid being torched by Antonio Brown and company? Can the Ravens establish a running game? Can the Ravens makeshift offensive line – featuring 2 rookie starters – protect Joe Flacco? Can the Ravens get positive yards on 1st down, and avoid 2nd and 3rd “and long” situations? Can Jacoby Jones, Justin Tucker and the rest of the Ravens special teams make a difference? Can Mike Tomlin stay off of the field? Can James Harrison and Jason Worilds get to Joe Flacco? Has Troy Polamalu lost a step, or is it two? With Bell out, can the Steelers run the football? Can Pittsburgh handle the pressure of being the favorite on their home field? Can the Ravens beat the Steelers on the road in the playoffs, for the first time in 4 tries? Can Dick LeBeau out coach Gary Kubiak? Can Haley out scheme Pees? Which team will manage the clock better? If Pittsburgh can’t run the ball, can they keep Suggs, Dumervil and McPhee off of Rothlisberger? Which team takes advantage of, and performs better in the rain? Can Pittsburgh’s secondary contain Smith Sr., Torrey Smith and Owen Daniels? Will Mike Campanero be the “x” factor for the Ravens’ offense?

We’ll have the answers – and more – well before midnight tonight. Tune in to 1570 AM Sunday morning, and we’ll be sure to discuss the outcome from 9 – noon on the Sunday Sports Voice! We are on WNST, and we can also be heard on your free tuneinradio app on your smartphone. We’d also love to hear your thoughts, and you can always call in at 410-481-1570!

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